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So, what are we here for?
The Problem
When it comes to transparent and honest user experience across shopping websites and online services, "WWW" still stands for "Wild Wild West".
"Be Wary Of Fake Product Reviews"
"We've Been Duped"
"Amazon sues 1,000 fake reviewers"
Mission Statement
Pure Value is a startup company on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of online shopping satisfaction to suit the customer's needs on the most specific level.
We answer this question:
"What should I buy, and why?"
"Could you elaborate on that?"
Of course we can!
Our methods are immaculately planned
Looking for a product, but can't decide which company is better? Our team of experts will point you in the right direction by providing you a variety of criteria on which you can (and should) base your decision!

We strive to answer all the big (and small) questions before a shopper decides, so that this shopper won't have to reconsider his decision a month later. We aim to connect each and every customer to the product or service most suitable to address his/her specific needs, and we do it free of charge.
Our recommendations are unbiased, thoroughly researched by experts in the respective fields and are updated constantly as each market evolves.

Among other factors, our researchers explore user feedback to find the most common issues and present them transparently in their conclusions.
We implement cutting-edge technologies, smart and actionable data analysis, as well as dedicated researchers, professional analysts and expert marketers, to construct a model that guarantees success in the field of online shopping satisfaction.
In order to support our vision and pay our employees for their efforts, we build partnerships with leading brands world-wide, which compensate us for satisfied customers who were introduced to their products by our recommendations and other information presented by us to our readers.
one might ask
What makes us different?
Well, we're not just another start up company fixated on its bottom line.

Our management and investors are committed to creating a healthy and positive company culture.

We encourage creativity over conformity, quality over quantity, and providing actual value rather than using cheap marketing tricks.

The founders have extensive experience in building a start up company from the ground up.

In order for the employees to be satisfied with their respective positions, we only recruit the best, and most suitable candidate for each vacancy.
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