Pure Value
2016 03 31
Don't you just love it when everything falls into place?
It's like making a stir-fry:

You marinade some poultry in advance.

While you're chopping the vegetables the chicken strips are waiting patiently, absorbing the marinade.

5 minutes before you're done slicing and dicing, you heat the wok and begin frying those delicious nuggets.

The carrots join the chicken in the pan just before the chicken is ready.

You begin cooking the noodles as you simultaneously add the rest of the veggies to the wok.

And during the entire process, you keep your work surface clean, washing a bowl here and a fork there.

The result is a timeless dish; a marvelous symphony of fresh ingredients, aromatic spices, impeccable planning, perfect timing and the trained eye of a veteran chef.

The secret is to finish everything at the same time, which is . . . challenging, to say the least.

But boy oh boy, it is satisfying!

The stir-fry named Pure Value is currently in the most exciting phase – we're already mixing in the noodles.

And it smells de-li-cious! (We hope there's enough salt)

The mixture of our team's endless motivation, original ideas and exquisite performance, is en route to becoming an exciting new portion (of epic proportions) on the menu of Israeli startups.

Dinner will be served soon.

Hungry yet?
2016 02 15
"So, we decided to start a company…"
We worked in e-Commerce.

We saw some great customers, many ordinary shoppers, and a few vengeful ones who were impossible to please.

We sold products.

Some were of amazing quality, many of average quality, and a few terrible ones (which were removed from our stock rather quickly).

We used online services.

We were pleased with some, disappointed in many, and borderline-extorted by a few.

We employed and managed people.

We had some wonderful employees, many "working stiffs" who got the job done, and a few slackers.

When we left, persistent questions in our mind still remained:

"How can we do better?"

But most importantly, "how can we deliver our 'better' to everybody?"

The essential conclusion was: quality matters.

So, we decided to start a company…

Instead of having customers, we will have readers.

Instead of selling products, we will research them for our readers.

Instead of just employing people, we will create a family.

Six months in, we're driven by passion to create something better than anything else in this field, and our goal is to provide pure value for our audience, our team, and our partners.

Join our family at Pure Value, and experience first-hand our quest to ensure a more honest, transparent, and satisfactory world wide web, for everybody.
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